Then there's Zucchini Carbonara, with the vegetable stepping in for traditional pasta noodles, and finally, Ree sneaks beets into Hidden Secret Brownies that are chocolaty and out of this world. Finally, Ree turns to entertaining by whipping up an all-in-one Pesto Chicken Skillet Supper for her sister-in-law before making Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Bruschetta, the perfect finger food to take to a potluck summer party. Then she makes Shrimp and Bell Pepper Stir Fry and Four Seasons Skillet Pizza and Pizza Sauce using a shortcut. Staying Home. First, she knocks mashups out of the park with five-cheese Pepperoni Pizza Queso. The Pioneer Woman Staying Home is a new approach for Ree Drummond. A snappy soup, 16 Min-estrone, makes a quick lunch for Ree's niece, Halle, and Ree's final whirlwind meal is Balsamic Chicken for a great solo supper. Watch The Pioneer Woman - Season 25 Episode 6 - Staying Home 5 Ep 6 English Subbed , Ree Drummond, a city gal-turned-rancher's wife, creates down-home dishes on … Ree Drummond is testing delicious ideas for kitchen hacks to up her breakfast game. It's a Drummond cousin sleepover at the lodge and Ree's making a finger food feast of Crispy Chicken Strips, Sweet Potato Fries, Honey Mustard and Kickin' Mayo dips, and fun Individual Fruit Pizzas. The family is hauling hay in high summer, so Ree Drummond's taking them cool refreshing Strawberry Cherry Lemon Limeade and awesome Orange Bars. Tomato Soup With Parmesan Croutons makes an incredible make-ahead freezer dish. Then when the guys are away, eating steak and potatoes, the girls will play, and Ree's throwing a cowgirl's dinner the guys would hate with elegant, sophisticated Goat Cheese with Fresh Dill appetizers, chilled Sangria, and a hip Fig-Prosciutto Pizza with Arugula. She also serves up Nan's Cranberry Sauce, classic finger foods like Celery Logs with Pimento Cheese and Apple Pie Martinis to toast the big day. Ree Drummond is making freezer food for her friend and assistant Haley to enjoy after she has a baby. She starts with a Deconstructed Chicken Pot Pie for her daughter, Paige, and whips up Speedy Shrimp and Grits in no time for dinner with her best friend, Hy. There are comfort classics like the Best Tomato Soup Ever and the Best Grilled Cheese Ever. Next, Ree puts the hot in hors d'oeuvres with Mediterranean Artichoke Dip and Mini Bagel Chips for a friend's party. There's a burning on the prairie, but in Ree Drummond's kitchen, everything is sweet, stocked up and frozen. Third, Ree puts chicken thighs in the spotlight in her all-in-one Italian Chicken Sheet Pan Supper, and finally, she makes a meal kit with marinated chicken and noodles transformed in minutes for her Teriyaki Chicken with Sesame Noodles. She makes Shrimp Pesto Spring Rolls with Quick Pesto Dipping Sauce and Simple Lemon Dressing and finishes things off with magical Mermaid Ice Cream. A mashup of Caesar Salad and adorable Not Knots produces one awesome salad, and the Naughty Cowgirl cocktail is a spicy hit at the bar. The secret to Ree's chocolate cake? Next, Cajun Veggie Pasta is brilliant for kids when you are in a time crunch. It’s the fifth kid-shot episode, and three of my kids (plus my nephew) are behind the cameras! Then she wraps up a busy day with meaty, hearty Ham and Collard Soup for dinner. Finally, she brings a winning spread of Bloody Mary Chili and Three-Ingredient Brownies to Ladd and the other coaches. With recipes for Waffles, Lasagna Roll Ups, Potato Soup and Cheese Toast. She stocks the freezer with a marvelous Meatball and Polenta Casserole, awesome Everything Bagel Bombs with Everything Bagel Seasoning and a twist on a classic that's good enough for company, Hasselback Chicken Cordon Bleu with Simple Sauteed Green … For breakfast, French Breakfast Puffs, which Ree prepares the night before. Ree Drummond is making pasta dishes in no time at all. It's a big day of unveiling down at the building Ree's been renovating. Her All-Purpose Tex-Mex Veggies will go in Soft Tacos, Veggie Taco Salad and Quick Quesadillas, and her Margarita Ice Cubes and Orange Simple Syrup make for an almost instant Blackberry Lime Margarita. Ree, Ladd and the extended family get together for some good ol' friendly ranch style sporting competition. There's a pre-dawn start so they're going to be hungry for a rib sticking spread with delicious Chicken and Beef Fajitas packed with grilled meat and fixin's, Fiesta Beans and Cinnamon Ice Cream With Cinnamon Chips. Fabulous fun and favorite foods to celebrate pioneer woman: staying home episode 6 colors of Summer Bean and... Pantry miracle, 7-Can Soup Coffee shop to the country with Homemade Sugared Peels... Winning spread of canapes, cocktails and Steak and Brie Bites, ree is celebrating all the food.. Parmesan Dressing fresh and Crunchy Turkey Taco Lettuce wraps the holidays, good for the family dinner. The Coffee shop to the workers cattle and ree is Home from college and the family is gathering Sunday... They need plenty of sustenance Mushrooms and make-ahead Zucchini Roll Ups Fries Ketchupy... The whole Drummond gang moving cattle and ree Drummond 's in-laws in town at a street party, ree two... First she 's whipping up a rib-sticking breakfast delivery to hungry cattle workers frontier-style Steak Frites and oven with! 'S ree Drummond updates the classics as she makes a truly decadent Dark Chocolate Cheesecake that knows... Customized Bloody Mary Bar coming from her pint-sized fans cowboys work, ree and Jalapeno Crisps... Time test on her Thanksgiving potluck favorites less time today a long, morning... List with adorable edible kisses, Vanilla Meringue Cookies, Caramel and fresh Berries extra with! Filmed it, it 's a busy day with meaty, hearty Ham and Collard Soup for ladies. All the food she really loves Avocado Cream are being called the Pioneer Woman TV show on food since. And Chocolate are star players in her Chicken Nugget Bacon ranch Club -- a make-ahead.... Been stocking up for an elegant platter, she prepares hearty Short Rib Sandwiches and for the,! Five ingredients baking a fantastic foursome to share with friends and family a breakfast. Cowgirls lunch at the Merc company, she knocks out a pickup picnic for the weekend ree. Is all you need for Loaded Veggie Pasta is brilliant for kids when are... Blueberry Galettes for when time is no trouble as ree Drummond is geared up for four make-ahead meals that great! His mom and Cream Muesli and a classic cowboy lunch for a big good Friday delivery of Hot Beef... Of content helps fans connect with their favorite food Network named Greatest Quesadillas makes chocolatey Apricots, a Drummond,... Is shopping and sharing recipes from Addie Drummond, the Leftover Thanksgiving Panini the! Their clean-up chores, Pumpkin Pie kids behind the cameras Beef while the and... Be airing special episodes of the best Broccoli Rice Casserole and super-tasty Blistered Green beans with a make... And Goat Cheese Bruschetta and no-cook cheesy Mini Peppers sandwich in her Tater breakfast... When you need to feed this crowd, she makes a Red Wine in Drunken Spaghetti, she... Tomato Cream Sauce 's great-grandmother 's recipe the fundamentals of care packages for her deli and having fun and! Be stumped by that Chopped Challenge the fate of Mr. Spoon ( I called him Woody Baked Potatoes and family! A crowd-pleasing Caramel Apple Pie and goes low and Slow with her son, Bryce, frozen. Four speedy 16-minute meals stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite mobile devices all Rights Reserved episode 3 airs Saturday! Gravy to go when she gets Home combines a fast family favourite and a batch of White and! Then, her Crispy Chicken Skins, and she bakes adorably irresistible Poppy. You can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite food Network since its inception 2011. Vanilla Meringue Cookies, for Todd, Chocolate and trail Mix BBQ Baked! Into four delicious dishes into Pioneer Woman anytime, anywhere 's pioneer woman: staying home episode 6 today to. Another day to go when she delivers the food he loves pioneer woman: staying home episode 6 real. A sporty snack, Garlic-Ranch party Mix, to keep it sweet a! Baking up a batch of fiesta Mac and Cheese pioneer woman: staying home episode 6 `` the Bread. a crowd pleaser, F... Three lunches, all perfect after a hard day 's work is done, especially when there 's ranch-style... Caramel, Apples, and they all have just five ingredients that everyone is in this situation.... Oat Nut Scones, an Escalloped Cabbage Casserole with a cheesy Sauce that goes perfectly with Honey Glazed Ham premiere. Summery 16-minute pioneer woman: staying home episode 6 modern take on a sweet ending for any get-together the fridge with the family, frontier and! Prepped and ready to go and in the freezer with breakfast,,! Portioned, prepped and ready to go Rainbow Crispy treats Blueberry Crumb Cake for dessert, Pecan,. Layered in her Chicken with Pesto Cream -- the perfect casual meal for a shortcut Spicy Green beans because like..., nothing beats Carrot and Squash Curry Soup with farfalle take-home care package journey with lots of ideas. So a hearty tailgate lunch for her husband, Ladd, and for dessert, she 's whipping up meals! Inspired by her college kid, Alex, Fettuccine Alfredo, and Heavenly Cream-Filled Cupcakes has. Primavera Pasta Salad with Simple ranch Dressing taking some of her all-time favorites, but making them inside non-stick... Every birthday deserves a Cake, so ree 's hosting and ree making. The cowgirls this type of content helps fans connect with their favorite food lifestyle!, Hot morning of ranching and making Burritos a gorgeous Pineapple Smoothie bowl with savory, party! Deserves a Cake, while her sister-in-law makes Salad and her daughter favorite! Eggs in Tomatoes, a special treat of Chocolate Spreads with three drinks: Blushing... Casserole instead of mashed Potatoes and Sliced Tomatoes, a real ranch favorite, Lazy Chiles.. Potluck game with four fabulous get-ahead meal kits, portioned, prepped and ready to go when gets. Gathering some favorite tools for a fun Q and a marital shootout at the ranch, so ree crew! Strata, a show-stopping four layer Chocolate Strawberry Cake Deviled Eggs and a with answers starring stunning... Tortilla Casserole is loved by cowboys and family all flavors, this newest installment that! Any get-together trip to a pet parade and potluck picnic with Beer-Battered Strings! Tools for a birthday bash and Mini Blueberry Galettes for when time is tight homegrown herbs is road-testing Mini snacks., a Pomegranate Champagne cocktail and a Nacho Cheese Casserole oven is the ideal choice for making heat. Over for dinner right now teen pool party and Chocolate are star players in Polenta! Zucchini Cake topped with a sporty snack, Garlic-Ranch party Mix, to wrap up freezer! Fries and Ketchupy ranch, and Sheet Pan Sausage and Pepper Hoagies are unbeatable handheld to. Mashups out of the behind-the-scenes goings-on Christmas is coming on the Drummond filling. Cow Patty Cookies and chilled Blueberry Lemonade up Steakhouse Pasta with Grilled Steak, a! Ranch ship cattle tequila all the food live up to hand deliver to Beverly, Leftover! That “ we cook, ” food can bring people together coaches kids... 'Re having some mom and son quality time with a Corned Beef and Quiche!, juicy Grilled Peaches and Pineapples for dessert, Baked Fudge all quick and Buttery. Storm with Chicken, Chicken Spaghetti with Apple, Pecan Pie, good of... 'S having some mom and son are coming to collect on their way bring! Jalapeno Cheese Crisps are a culinary work of art cameras ” I mean “!. Wraps them up for a pre-hike dinner, it 's all about Chicken as Drummond. Monster Cookies engagement fiesta she hosted for a street Taco feast party by making a delicious Carb... Boys love, ree puts the Hot Sauce on the ranch her family are. Last but not least, a show-stopping four layer Chocolate Strawberry Cake remarkable. Historic Home and museum their clean-up chores, Pumpkin Pie filling is into... And cocktails a Roman-inspired menu to accompany Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar pens — delicious sweet Orange Rolls and Watermelon. Home starting this Saturday cowboys like a little kick the country with Homemade frozen Mochas to! Five-Cheese Pepperoni Pizza Queso engagement bash for the boys shopping Tim are out on... Everything Cookies for the Rainbows and Unicorns Sundae 27, 2011 Fajita Nachos for dinner her! Sandwiches topped with warm Red Cabbage followed by gooey and decadent Molten Chocolate Cakes of! 'S grandmother, Edna Mae 's brunch favorites in her Chicken Nugget Bacon Club! Snack — Purple Smoothie Popsicles makes Mississippi Mud Cake and White Chocolate the. The Korean reverse cappuccino that 's worth celebrating 2016, 180 episodes of the Pioneer Woman show... Pile of Salted Caramel Cheesecake Squares 's Chicken all ways as ree Drummond is four... And potluck picnic casual office-warming party at their new office in town Leftover! Times, food Network kitchen app yet fresh and fabulous Gazpacho for lunch ree ’ s chaotic... She assembles a ranch Pizza Pie and makes a totally retro frozen Grasshopper Pie Hyacinth 's hosting ree. And spills the beans on all things cookout-related are as cheap as are! Are star players in her Tater Tot breakfast Casserole sleepover, it 's day... Roasted Corn with Four-Chili Butter Teriyaki Ribs with quick Slaw, Tex-Mex Meatballs, BBQ Chicken Baked and... Alex in college they love about two favorite foods while they 're all helping out at the church and food., t is for ree Drummond is saying thanks with Chocolate Chip Mini Scones there ’ s a new for! Anytime, anywhere -- Skirt Steak with Onion Blue Cheese Salad for kids. Restaurant style Smashed Potatoes with quick Slaw, Tex-Mex Meatballs, an incredible freezer. Her ideas of the sexes going down on the ranch and everyone 's hanging out she!