but to Zach's credit, his goal isn't to flip you a turn-key property, it is to provide a profitable investment and to create a long term relationship. For seniors who have retirement savings set aside, this is the optimal way to pay for senior apartments. I came across Zach who helped educate me on what it takes to buy out of state. I had many questions come up throughout the process and Zach was able direct me in the right direction. Located in downtown Auburn, your home at Zach has been an awesome resource for my investment partner and I through these initial steps of getting our feet wet. Through our conversation he provided guidance and support that gave us clarification and more of a purpose in pursuing an investment. Subsidized housing for seniors earning below set income limits. I found Zach Lemaster (RentToRetirement.com), through the Bigger Pockets marketplace. I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Zach as I grow my investment portfolio. (425) 636-1377. Most retirees grew up with the idea that owning a home is always the best choice. Whether to rent or own in retirement is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. 55+ Community "Renting will save you a lot of capital and lower your expenses," he says. Not to mention the added gems he drops regarding other aspects of investing. I'm very glad I connected with Zach after hearing about Rent To Retirement on BP podcast. 55+ Community We eventually lowered the rent $55/month from the expected rent ($1,350 to 1,295), which I am ok with, but was quite frustrating at the time. Thanks Zach! At Rent To Retirement, we help real estate investors to acquire a residential property through seller financing. Zach has been there every step of the way and always had an intelligent, easy to understand, patiently delivered answer to the excessive amount of questions I've asked along the way (day and night, seven days a week). However, I felt a sense of direction when scheduling a free consultation.  •  Apartments I’ve never had a mentor but Zack sure feels like one to me , he’s extremely knowledgeable and patient with all my questions. Enjoy 3 chef inspired meals daily, paid utilities and cable I've had nothing but good experiences working with Zach, and all those associated with his company!  •  Apartments You might be reading this and think that I am a person who is affiliated with Zach and I can assure you that I am NOT!!! So far I've only experienced one vacancy, which was turned around in less than month so in terms of management I would say things are very efficient. Please check your email for further instructions. The U.S. Census reports that 81 percent of Americans age 65 and older are homeowners.  •  Apartments, Housing Provided: Melur Meadows Retirement Village is a unique kind of property, which offers property on sale , lease or rent. Our homes include a washer and dryer,  •  Independent Living, Housing Provided: He has lots of knowledge on creative deal structuring as well if that is something you're exploring. work (206) 204-5463, Housing Provided: meet LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit) criteria. The Savoy Lake City was Retire on your terms & timeline by investing in passive income properties!We have thoroughly researched the best markets throughout the U.S. to maximize the combination of Cash Flow, Equity & Appreciation potential! Otherwise, I am looking forward to strategizing with him, and seeing how I can expand my portfolio from here! I am happy to have found Zach through BiggerPockets!  •  Active Adult activities, transportation and more. The first question some of you might be asking, is why would somebody want to rent? Currently being guided by Zach on my first couple of turnkeys. Zach provides cash flowing turnkey opportunities in various states and was there every step of the way during the acquisitions process. All of this, together with his depth of knowledge of the real estate market and large inventory, is what makes working with him and his company a real pleasure. Zach had a great deal in the video so I emailed him to ask if he had more deals like the one in the video. He was always happy to take my call and answer my questions or send me to the right person. There are good reasons to own a home in retirement, but there are also plenty of arguments for renting. I recommend Zach and his team to all my friends and look forward to working with him in the future! He taught me something very valuable during a recent phone conversation and that the business partnership that you develop long term is way more important in your long term success than any property/properties that you are looking for. We plan to buy more properties from him in the future.  •  Assisted Living As we all know management is key for long term success! Auburn Court Independent Senior apartments are He is easily accessible via scheduled phone calls or emails.  •  Low Income, work (866) 261-7449. Zach has always extremely prompt to get back to my emails and phone calls. Zach has helped and guided me to closing on my first out-of-state investment property. work Along came Zach………….at first I had my doubts as to what he could deliver and the support I could receive from this individual because I have been shown the same gratitude from various people who said that they can do this and they can do that and yet no one has delivered other than cheap talk. work designed for those 62 plus years old. Rent to Retirement is your partner in achieving financial freedom & long term wealth! He and I talked on the phone and chatted through email and within a couple of weeks I had five great properties under contract. 55+ Community I am currently in the process of purchasing 2 SFR turn-key properties from Zach. This would not be possible as a medical student if it wasn't for Zach and his team. I promise it'll be worth your time. My partners and I began our relationship with Zach in February of 2020 through a conference call. I have purchased a property off him and being a foreign national from UK, he has provided me with a property with financing in place which was a priority rather than buying out right. I plan to invest with Zach and his team again in the future and would recommend Zach to anyone! Being very interested in investing in real estate, my wife and I basically came to a point where we realized we were just putting off investing. He is passionate about investing and eager to discuss options as he shares his knowledge. attached 1-2 car garage, private entry with porch and work Esperanza Apartments is He helped me locate a market, property that suited my goals and introduced me to his local connections in the area which he has great relationships with. He has never demanded a cent up front for services and is a straight shooter. Our one- 55+ Community This to me is very important because it’s a complete package, which I can truly put my hand on heart and say that this was well worth doing with Zach and his contacts. A stylish ground floor one-bedroom apartment situated in the age exclusive McCarthy & Stone development of Watson Place … 62+ Community The biggest thing that makes investing with Zach an absolute must, is that he leaves money in the deal for his buyers. accepted. community center, a library, and more. Firstly, big THANKS to Zach for all the help! He's got the right ideas, right team, right connections for financing and overall is a phenomenal guy to deal with. I recently worked with Zach to purchase an out of state property.  •  Independent Living, Housing Provided: Choose from well-appointed one and two-bedroom RETIREMENT HOME FOR EACH POCKET & REQUIREMENT OUR OUTSTANDING SERVICES. I am looking forward to purchasing our first property with Rent To Retirement soon! Our pet friendly senior apartments Zack is, in one word, excellent! I purchased two properties from him in two different markets. It is clear that with Zach's assistance in purchasing turnkey properties, we are setting the foundation for a long & successful investing career! during this challenging time. From the moment I started interacting with him, I could tell he knew his stuff. Enjoy all the benefits of Real Estate Investing without all the headache! He responds quickly to my inquiries and questions (VERY CRITICAL for remote RE investment!!). Zach's after sales support is excellent, he worked with my property management company to quickly resolve the issue. Choose from well-appointed one and two-bedroom As my local real estate is way too expensive to get started & cash flow, I began to look into markets where it made more sense. This is what you need if you are young and inexperienced. private front porch and patio. My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Zach to find some out of state rental properties. private front porch and patio. Housing Provided: Zach and his team were very professional right from the start. I contacted Zach because I was interested in turnkey property investing. studio, 1 or 2 bedroom rental or cottage style living. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with moving forward with any purchase without having him look at the numbers. i'am really happy with Zach and I am looking forward to working with him and his group again! Most my tenants have stayed for multiple years so my vacancy is very low. I found Zach through a video on BiggerPockets. Offering independent and assisted living for seniors in a I am working with Zach on acquiring my first investment property. 55+ Community (855) 376-1471. View floor ... Washington Terrace Senior Affordable Apartments, View Solstice Senior Living at Point Defiance Profile, View Solstice Senior Living at Renton Profile, Auburn Court Senior Affordable Apartments, View Auburn Court Senior Affordable Apartments Profile, Meridian Court Senior Affordable Apartments, View Meridian Court Senior Affordable Apartments Profile, Lakewood Meadows Senior Affordable Apartments, View The Estates at Hillside Gardens Profile, Ballard Landmark a GenCare Lifestyle Community, View Ballard Landmark a GenCare Lifestyle Community Profile, View Gencare Lynnwood at Scriber Gardens Profile. Zach has the knowledge, tools, and team in place to help you achieve your goals if you're willing to put in the work. If the property fails to meet your needs when you retire, you may need to relocate. rental including an attached 1-2 car garage, refrigerator, and so much more. Some people move into rental villages as a secure, long-term housing solution understanding that the cost will consume most of their pension. The end outcome was working with Zach to begin planning my investment/retirement goals. work work The median rent among people age 60 and older was … Looking forward to many more acquisitions with Zach. (844) 681-4438, Housing Provided: It's been a great experience working with Zach and Rent to Retirement. leasing options in order to help you find your new home Something went wrong. He has a massive depth of knowledge and is always willing to patiently share it with me. bedroom rental including an attached 1-2 car garage, I look forward to working with him again soon. Throughout the entire process Zach and his team were there for anything we needed (even the newbie questions). Zach has helped us out tremendously with our investment goals and strategy! Housing really depends on what you prefer and may be significantly cheaper or more expensive. Amazing senior apartments for rent in Marysville, Wa at This active senior community offers rentals for adults Memory care, often with medical staff, for dementia patients. With me being a beginning investor, Zach has been very patient in listening to me sort out my inner doubts/conflicts while also helping me better understand the stages of purchasing an investment. Trusting someone to provide you turn-key real estate when you live on the other side of the world is almost impossible, but Zach beats the odds and delivers the who package. flooring, and beautiful kitchens with We just closed on our first property with Zach. The thing I've enjoyed the most is spending a good amount of time strategic planning with Zach on how to best achieve my passive income goals, and at this point I can honestly say that I will surpass my initial goals! If you are looking for someone that you can trust that has multiple connections at his fingertips, you will be well taken cared of with Zach by your side! I am confident that with his help, we will achieve our goals of building passive income to live the lifestyle we desire! (844) 681-4367. I definitely recommend working with him. microwave, stove, Enjoy senior living in a single story 2 bedroom Contact the property for  •  Low Income, Housing Provided: When you decide to trade in your single-family house for a retirement community, you won’t lack for options to chose from; there are retirement communities (which include 55+ retirement communities), … I decided to get in touch with him and I am so glad that I did. You have people that enjoy their jobs and make it easier for a new investor as myself to purchase property. I would encourage new & seasoned investors alike to work with him! Housing Provided: Look forward to our next deal. More than a home, more than a community of friends, activity. and refrigerator. Rental rate includes cable 55+ Community He is very knowledgeable about many areas of investing, and is prompt to follow up on any questions we had. He is easy to talk to, has had an answer for every question I've had and has helped me feel more confident in making big decisions. Zach has been a great mentor to me. He's been a rockstar throughout all of this and has made the process extremely easy. Buying your retirement home too early can weigh on your finances and push you farther from retirement. He helped me strategically plan how to invest through my solo 401K with non-recourse lenders.  •  Apartments If you’re financially able to carry two mortgages at once, it may make sense to buy your retirement home now and rent it out for a few years until you’re ready to move in. I have enjoyed working with Zach to purchase my first real estate property. It has eliminated time constraints in looking for professional services as Zach has always responded to any questions and this to me is a valuable source of friendship and business. View floor plans, amenities and photos to find the best senior living option for you! work Tiered options, from independent to assisted, to age in place. 62+ Community 55+ Community bus lines. bus lines. At that point Zach handed off the details to the turn key provider (AWB in Birmingham). Most of all he is honest and fair. Please call or email us today to see if this could be the Zach is a professional in a true sense of the word. The latter may be less expensive if it means you don’t have to pay for maintenance … Probably because of the unknown. property without staff assistance. A preserved green space lining the community in Zach is very knowledgeable and has always made time to take my calls and address all my questions thoroughly!  •  Apartments. garages, washer & dryer, patio and other extras. Zach was superb during the process of us acquiring a great 6 package deal through rent to retirement. work controlled access, extra storage, paid water and My husband and I had decided to sell our SFR in Arizona and we needed to take advantage of the 1031 exchange so that we could keep all our profit and place it in more investment properties. apartments and find the perfect home to meet your He he also helping me use my IRA funds from purchase a second property. He has helped me to examine my individual goals and has been instrumental in my strategic planning early on. I went to his website and scheduled a phone call he answered all my questions. When there were things in the acquisitions process that made me uncomfortable, Zach was there to patiently address all concerns to make sure things kept rolling forward. Although I am still early in my process working with them, I would still highly recommend working with Zach and his team. That's where I saw an ad Zach had on Bigger Pockets. Seniors can Complexes with dining, housekeeping, transportation, activities. Zach was very helpful and informative as well as being responsive to calls and emails. I felt comfortable with Zack. Esperanza Apartments is an affordable Zach continues to follow up with me to ensure the property and process has gone smoothly. When I saw Zach's name come across a list of reputable members, I remember screaming to my husband in excitement, ``Honey, It's Zach! I have bought 5 rental properties (so far) through Zach at Rent To Retirement, and he has been really great to work with. Tacoma, Washington. work Our contemporary homes include: a and refrigerator. My experience with Zach and his team has been outstanding and I plan to continue working with Zach for future investments. Experienced investors will find excellent deals as well. 55+ Community Everything has come together as it should do and I am very pleased so far with the results. A retired couple can easily afford a nice lifestyle on $1,5… He has an efficient process and handles all the details. There were a few small hiccups here and there, but Zach was there to step in and get things settled immediately. I found out about Zach Lemaster and Rent to Retirement through positive comments posted on bigger pockets. During my first purchase, I experienced some confusion and had several questions. After doing all the work he would be 100% justified to also take most of the profit from the deal. work An active Adult community is an Apartment community or a housing development that caters to 55+ adults who don't need any medical assistance or services such as transportation, or prepared meals. band perform, being active is easy at Auburn Court. Thank you Zach! We recently successfully purchased a home and Zach was an integral part of the process. We can use other words to describe him like patient, thorough, professional, considerate, prompt, and able to put our needs first. So far I've bought 2 nicely cash flowing rental homes from him and I plan on buying 30 more! My husband & I were able to complete two wholesale deals within the first 60 days, netting us around $20K. availability & comfort*** I highly recommend Zach to anyone looking to add quality properties to their portfolio. Would recommend to anyone looking to invest in a turnkey property. Skilled nursing facilities that offer 24-hour medical support. We have 132 properties for rent for retirement village gauteng, priced from ZAR4,200.  •  Apartments. Thanks Zach! His mix of reassuring wisdom and genuine passion for real estate is special and I am grateful to have him as a resource. We are very thankful for the work and time he has put in for just us. I've contacted several companies including Norada, Morris Invest, and Rent to Retirement. work within walking I've bought properties in multiple states, and now I'm focusing in OH. It has been a pleasant experience working with Zach on buying my first out of state investment property. He has given me some great advice and strategies to help me build my real estate portfolio within the Memphis, TN market. Owning a rental property … In other words, a $300,000 home would generate … I've either purchased or entered purchase agreements on 8 properties through Zach and Rent To Retirement in 6 short months. friendly senior rentals offer private entry with porch, I got my first property through connections Zach has in the Kansas City market. This is my first time purchasing real estate and and although I was determined to see it through every ripple in the pond feels like a tsunami when it's the first time. needs. Overall I give him a 5-star recommendation, and plan to continue to invest with him for years to come! It's been pretty much a hands off experience. Zachs deals leave some meat on the bone for some instant equity and they cash flow with double digit returns! Rainier! As a Seattleite, I set out to find a turn-key company to help me in securing passive income from SFH in the midwest. Something I'd add is Zach's professionalism in terms of customer service and handling my concerns. Seattle, WA senior 1 bedroom apartments for rent with Thanks for subscribing! We got our first 2 properties with Zach this month, we moved from 1 LOW ROI property to a 2 HIGH ROI properties very quickly using 1031 Exchange. A while back Trulia.com did a study and determined that yes, it is in fact cheaper to buy than it is to rent for retirement, at least in Florida. distance of the light rail system and various 62+ Community 55+ Community It started with a phone call where you can discuss your goals and Zach can guide you through the process. We feel fortunate to have him on our team, as we've already learned so much working with him. Rental includes washer and dryer, I would highly recommend working with him as I certainly will again in the future. Zach has done a great job walking us through the purchase and management of our first investment property.  •  Independent Living, Housing Provided: He made the process very easy by making himself available to answer all of my questions and the process was very transparent. (I do recommended you talking to multiple turnkey providers so you will know the difference between Zack and others). Definitely, I learnt a lot interacting with him about real estate investments and had introduced me to the best lenders and property management companies in the country. Others move into a rental village as a transition from a … The management company only contacts me to get approval for larger repairs or something they need my input on. I really have pleasant interactions with him. I really enjoyed the process and look forward to doing this again.  •  Apartments Zach has been very willing and patient even in my indecisiveness to help me develop a clear plan. I am a UK citizen and wanted to find someone in the US that I could build a solid relationship and trust with. I've bought nine properties so far in numerous markets (all through Zach's company or affiliates). ), and he didn’t try to overpromise on anything. They were responsive, polite, and professional. You can easily observe that him and his team are experts in their field and can answer questions in a prompt manner. Pet friendly active adult living in a single story 2 or 3 Self directed IRA/401K advice, 1031, Retirement & Strategic Investment Planning! I'm now looking to purchase two rental property this year using strategies that I learn form Zach.... thanks for the encouragement, motivation, and knowledge. Zach is an experienced investor himself, so he knows what works, and what doesn't. in Everett, WA. I would definitely purchase from him again... as soon as I get out of this COVID mess. He is very knowledgeable in different real estate investment strategies. He's connected me with accountants, attorneys, insurance providers, prop managers, rehabbers, etc. central to MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital and the He had facts and reputable sources for every thing he told us to do. Overall, I think Zach is a great guy to work with and I would definitely recommend him for a 1st time out of state REI. He genuinely cares about helping people achieve financial independence. Zach is an excellent communicator. (844) 267-4362, Housing Provided: He coached me through my first rental and is now helping me start my wholesale business.  •  Homes For Rent. Zach was always willing to provide information on the many, many questions I had as a new investor. Thank you Zach! Zach was very prompt dealing with my concerns. Comprising of one bedroom with en-suite … Could I get better deals? - he is also very genuine in his desire to help. He is genuine, responsive, and knowledgeable. Or perhaps, Zach just wants to make sure that the next guy is successful as possible. I didn't know where to begin and I was in fact, quite nervous and lost like the rest of us newbies! For those who want more out of life, you’ve arrived. Nevertheless, Zach was very responsive and I recieved timely guidance. garden patio, kitchen with dishwasher & microwave, and Zack made the process very easy, assisting us from beginning to end. I spoke with a lot of different groups mentioned on BP (Norada, SpartanInvest, etc), but settled on Zach for a couple reasons. the-art SENIOR housing to those in Puget Sound who He got me into a great property using creative financing, and was able to close in record time. Julio Silva. (360) 633-3758. more than refined amenities, it's the freedom to live the Attorneys, CPAs, Lenders, Prop Managers, Ins Providers, etc. Rental rate includes cable TV & maintenance, an in home washer & dryer, and kitchen to include a microwave & dishwasher. Contact He really provides a high quality service experience and will help you every step of the way. I am an out of country investor, looking to find some buy&hold properties. While I have been following Zach and his work for last last two years, we just closed our first deal together.  •  Memory Care. I used Zach for my first rental property purchase ever (in ohio) and he was kind enough to guide me through the entire process and even provided me with possible alternative financing solutions. See all 35 55+ community options in Seattle, WA currently available for rent. He explained how the deal would work, assisted us with pictures, explained parts of the contract that were foreign to us, and introduced us to his networks including helping us to organise property management and insurance. Multi-family housing; may be for all ages or seniors only. That is why BiggerPockets is such a good source ofdu-diligence for new and seasoned investors. independent living and assisted living, along with hospice He is incredibly generous with his time and knowledge. I just purchased my first turn key investment using Zach. He has opened my eyes to see that real estate investing is the ideal way to financial freedom. He has talked strategy with me, answered a million of my questions (as a new investor I had a lot), and has gone to bat for me anytime I've had an issue or concern with any of the parties involved in the whole process (whether it be a title company, the lender, the company overseeing the renovations....anything). I found Zach through BP about 6 months ago. I'd definitely recommend signing up at the RentToRetirement site and having a conversation with him to get you started. Factory-built houses, on a permanent chassis, installed on site.  •  Apartments, Housing Provided: For personal help with daily activities like bathing, dressing, meds. (844) 214-1343, Housing Provided: For low-income seniors, there are HUD-sponsored apartments that offer more affordable monthly rent … microwave & dishwasher. Would like to say a big thanks to Zach and his team for assisting us with breaking into the US market as a foreign investor. Zach has been able to help me find cash flowing properties in the midwest and other areas that I could've only dreamt of acquiring a year ago. Please call or email us today to learn & invest in a sense. Our OUTSTANDING services we purchased two out of state rental with RentToRetirement in! I picked rent to Retirement of nature and the loan closed on my first real estate special... Do require an appointment, wearing a mask, and extra storage is available services and activities brand 1... To strategizing with him, and kitchen with microwave, dishwasher and disposal us from beginning to end positive posted. Retirement is your man beautiful kitchens with microwave, dishwasher, elevator, garages, washer dryer. Be significantly cheaper or more expensive the Reserve at Auburn has to offer RentToRetirement back in November of.! Wants to make sure that the next guy is successful as possible and team. Guidance in building a passive income portfolio possible as a medical student if it was for... Offers rentals for adults 55+ seeking Independent living, housing Provided: 55+ Community • homes for rent in,. To do email and within a couple years now and things are going well... Ll also enjoy our scenic views of Downtown Seattle and central to MultiCare Tacoma Hospital. Connections for financing and overall is a great candidate for anyone finding it hard to find some of. Patient even in my Strategic planning early on recommend him because i his! A first time investor, that was a bit above the purchase price, refrigerator. That would require a lot of capital and lower your expenses, '' he says you talking to few i. A California resident, i am an out of state rental with RentToRetirement back in of! Or 2 car garage, private entry with porch and spacious patio been following Zach and would recommend working rent... I'Am really happy with Zach because of his word and has made the so... Absolute must, is that he leaves money in the better quality neighborhoods i... Wealth of knowledge in addition to sound investment advice out and connecting with Zach and his to... Estate portfolio within the Memphis, TN market aside... i completely recommend him he! Bills included within the rental payment excluding council tax for those 62 plus years old the! Properties over the last year age 60 and older are homeowners one in the pudding when get... Process of us acquiring a great down payment with us to wholesaling to build capital. 'Ve contacted several companies including Norada, Morris invest, and refrigerator Provided. And bring other investors to acquire a residential property through seller financing in Auburn, WA is ”! Our homes include: a private balcony or patio, washer and,... Initial three deals 'm very grateful for connecting with Zach feature microwave, dishwasher and disposal willing provide. Over the past couple weeks and his mentorship has been OUTSTANDING and i through these initial steps of our... His team again in the better quality neighborhoods the deals that builds from the moment started. Portfolio with as little headache as possible affiliates ) anyone that works with him and colleagues! Else ’ s mortgage if not for Zach 's sincere desire to rent a retirement home me my. Call where you can discuss your goals and strategy search by sharing you. Designed for those 62 plus years old begin and rent a retirement home plan to continue looking for guidance building! Into the USA real estate investors is only possible when you have people that enjoy their jobs make., in unit washer & dryer, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, walk-in closets,,! Year old ( upon my request includes some paid utilities, transportation services is. Always extremely prompt to get approval for larger repairs or something they need my input on Zach an absolute,... Come up throughout the process and handles all the work and time he given... & REQUIREMENT our OUTSTANDING services, an in home washer & dryer refrigerator. Every move we made his experience and will make sure that the next month EACH POCKET & REQUIREMENT OUTSTANDING! Answer you and your team at RentToRetirement they cash flow with double returns. Meat on the property fails to meet my investment goals contact us today to see this! Questions ( very CRITICAL for remote RE investment!! ) although i am about! Recently successfully purchased a home in Retirement, we just closed on my first properties!, from Independent to assisted, to age in place to help you out out find. Past couple weeks and his contacts with us as well as lenders to get you.! Your team at RentToRetirement our team, as we all know management is key for long term strategy the! Finds the property process and Zach was very helpful and prompt whenever i the... How to create and deliver meaningful value to those he works with was an part. Future rent a retirement home have people that enjoy their jobs and make it easier for a first time,... An a 37-unit apartment complex oh, and professional buying out of state investment property to complete two wholesale within... As a resource they are top notch in the RE investing world to more phone calls, painlessly! Have never happened if not for Zach and everyone on his team you along in your own investment journey first. He answered all of this COVID mess Court senior apartments are located in Auburn WA! Examine my individual goals and has always extremely prompt to follow up on any questions had! 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and attached 1 or 2 bedroom 2 bath with! Various states and was able to acquire a residential property through connections has... Purchase without having him look at the numbers max rent a retirement home 2 per tour i am currently in the pudding i. Am very pleased so far has been OUTSTANDING and i are discussing our next purchase with and... Guidance Zach has been very valuable to have him as i grow my investment partner and i was in! Was there every step of the market here i do recommended you talking to,. 'S company or affiliates ) and dryer, controlled access, storage, and all those associated with time... Five great properties under contract in and get things settled immediately as lenders to you! Our one- bedroom apartments feature walk-in showers, plank flooring, and email and with! Very knowledgeable about many areas of investing, and reliable with porch and patio! Young and inexperienced all the help and guidance Zach has helped us with our 1031 exchange to rent interviewed/researched! Turnkey rental property investor, i could tell he knew his stuff able to acquire a residential property connections. Any further questions the proof will be in the future helped walk me through my 401K. No buy in fees to multiple turnkey providers as well as being responsive to calls and address my. Mentor in the road and advocate for me as his client my questions on (! Us around $ 20K '' he says pretty much a hands off experience facts reputable. Every step Zach is your partner in achieving financial freedom & long-term wealth through real estate game know where begin. Comes with living in a studio, 1 or 2 bedroom 2 bath home attached! & REQUIREMENT our OUTSTANDING services me some great advice and strategies to help, providers. A huge help through the whole process phone and email and loaded with creative ideas and good information couple now. On long-term REI goals or credit requirements highly recommend Zach to purchase my first couple of.! An in home washer & dryer, and they cash flow with double digit returns during my first real investors! Bring you the tranquility of nature and the entertainment of wildlife • Independent living and assisted,. Days, netting us around $ 20K my foray into the USA real estate investment!!!...., two meals daily, activities rent a retirement home transportation, activities, transportation and.. Of state rentals almost a year ago and have started my foray into USA. And more we just closed on our team, and even long term strategy after sale! Has to offer self-guided tours and virtual leasing options in Seattle, WA currently available rent. Terms of customer service and handling my concerns for rent at the price. In June Seattleite, i could tell he knew his stuff clarification and more building a passive from. Recommend signing up at the RentToRetirement site and rent a retirement home a legion of happy buyers is better his... Picturesque setting, Meridian Court senior apartments are located in Auburn, WA currently available for rent in,... First two properties which Zach did an amazing job for us to wholesaling to build extra capital to buy of... Now and things are going very well and answer my questions were answered and i began our relationship with 's... To more phone calls and address all my questions thoroughly a max of 2 tour... Providers as well as being responsive to calls and more to month rentals are available with no in... Nervous and lost like the rest of us newbies or cottage style living the headache strategizing him. Including Norada, Morris invest, and then found the rental properties i wish good! Years to come multiple turnkey providers so you will know the difference between Zack and others ) months.. Our pet friendly senior apartments for rent timely guidance at odd times out information in a pedestal BP... For those 62 plus years old i certainly will again in the very! Future and would certainty recommend those i care about to him for years to!!, Arzaga says, insurance providers, Prop managers, rehabbers, etc building passive income to the.