In 1972, at the age of 20, he was made crown prince by his father. Suratsawadi) or nicknamed Benz (Thai: เบ๊นซ์), is a Thai actress who was a consort and then the second wife of Vajiralongkorn, then the Crown Prince of Thailand, from 1994 to 1996 Maha Vajiralongkorn is the King of … Wife #2 Sujarinee Vivacharawongse & Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn. He is qualified to pilot the Northrop F-5 and many other aircraft,[17] F-16,[18] and the Boeing 737-400. Portrait Name Birth Start of reign End of reign Death Consorts Issue Phrabat Somdet Phra Paramoruracha Maha [35] On 2 Oct 2018, Mr. Amphon Kittiamphon, General Chalermchai Sitthisart and ACM Chom Rungsawang were appointed privy councilors. In addition, every year he donates 42 million baht to a scholarship fund benefiting Rajabhat students. She now lives in the United States. Vatchrawee Vivacharawongse, lahir 14 Juni 1985. [21], Vajiralongkorn has initiated education projects with the aim of improving children's access to quality learning and instilling the concept of lifelong learning. Critics said the new constitution would give the military a powerful political say for years or decades. 14. červen 1985) Princezna Sirivannavari Nariratana (nar. [41], Vajiralongkorn has direct control over the royal household and palace security agencies. [63] On 16 May 2017, Thai officials warned Facebook after an online video was posted of the king wearing a crop top and with full view of his half sleeve tattoo. When His Royal Highness Prince is mature, at the time that he shall be established as heir to the throne, tradition and a royal tradition Kattii ceremony should be observed, consistent with the citizens and all leaders of the country of all sides. 1983), and Vatchrawee Vivacharawongse (b. Chakriwat Vivacharawongse. She became his steady companion and gave birth to four sons and a daughter:[5], They were married at a palace ceremony in February 1994, where they were blessed by the King and the Princess Mother, but not by the Queen. Maha Vajiralongkorn, Rama X.a (Bangkok, 1952ko uztailaren 28a) Thailandiako erregea da 2016tik. An immediate ban was placed on distribution of the magazine, and the Thai government, citing a threat to national security, suspended the visas of FEER's two Thailand correspondents, Shawn Crispin and Rodney Tasker. [citation needed] Vajiralongkorn trained for periods with the US, British, and Australian armed services, studying unconventional warfare and advanced navigation. [citation needed] He is the only son, the second of the four children of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit. In August 1979, she announced her retirement from the entertainment industry. His education at Duntroon was divided into two parts, military training by the Australian Army and a bachelor's degree course under the auspices of the University of New South Wales. [26] Currently, his main residence is Amphorn Sathan Residential Hall, the king having moved from Nonthaburi Palace in 2011. In 1972, þan wæs he 20 winteryld, abannede his fæder þe Vajiralongkorn bēon Ierfa æþeling and æfter þe his fæder forþferde in 2016 fange he to rīce. [42], King Vajiralongkorn's portrait on Ratchadamnoen Avenue, There is a strict, and strictly enforced, lèse majesté law in Thailand. The former actress and entertainer, nicknamed Benz, fled to Britain with the king’s five children after being accused of abuse and fraud – but where is Sujarinee today? [8] Sujarinee and her sons have since moved to the United States. Juthavachara Vivacharawongse (b. [29] The one billion baht coronation was anticipated to attract 150,000 persons to Sanam Luang.[7][30][31]. 1985), the sons of King Rama X and Monarchs. It provides experts in various agricultural fields who can advise farmers on plants, livestock, fisheries, and land development. History Monarchs [2], Sujarinee was born on 26 May 1962, the daughter of Thanit Polpraserth and Yaovalak Komarakul na Nagara. [69] The following month, Srirasmi relinquished her royal titles and the royal name and was officially divorced from Vajiralongkorn. [citation needed], When Vajiralongkorn was introduced to Yuvadhida Polpraserth, she was an aspiring actress. US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz (right) escorts Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn through an honor cordon and into the Pentagon on 12 June 2003.